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Anyone can join JKA/WF Australia, the only real requirement is a disciplined commitment to work hard and train patiently. As long as that commitment is there, karate is for everyone, regardless of age, sex, or ethnic background. No need to be in excellent physical shape to start, since karate will gradually improve your fitness as you progress, your starting point is less important than the effort you put into it along the way.

When you join JKA/Australia, you gain access to many benefits of membership, at the same time, you get continual guidance from highly-skilled and certified instructors, experienced evaluation for Dan and Kyu rank promotions, the right to participate in local and international JKA karate tournaments, and dozens of other practical advantages, including the privilege of joining the most qualified Karate organization in the world. But the best reason to join is for karate itself…

There are two kinds of membership

Individual Membership, for people interested in joining the JKA as an individual, please contact one of our clubs (dojo) near you (Click here)

Group Membership, for those wishing to affiliate their dojo or karate group in Australia with the JKA/WF Australia (Click here)

Benefits in your club joining us:

  • Affiliation to JKA Japan and AKF (WKF)
  • No individual membership fees
  • You run your own Dojo (club) and administration
  • International recognise gradings and qualifications (International certificates)
  • Access to State, National, International Seminar and Tournaments
  • Access to International Karate Masters
  • Discounted course fees at JKA/WF Australia run events

If interested in joining, please email us for a Club membership pack. (click here)