It’s not unusual for anyone starting karate, or anything new, for that matter, to have a few questions. This page offers answers to some of these questions. As time goes by, more will be added, as more questions are asked.

What type of karate do you teach? We teach authentic traditional Japanese JKA shotokan karate.

Why join a JKA/WF Australia club over other clubs? Whilst we have great respect for many other Martial Arts clubs out there, we naturally feel that JKA/WF Australia offers students a range of benefits that many other clubs cannot match. First of all, we are an international organisation within over 100 countries worldwide. Our Chief Instructor trains in Japan every year at the JKA HQ’s.  Additionally, Japanese senior Instructors come to Australia to teach us every year. We have over 30 training locations.

Are the Instructors accredited? Yes all branch instructors are International accredited with JKA Japan. Each Instructor is also:

• An approved Police check or ‘Working with Children’ qualification relevant to their state/country.

• Basic First Aid qualification.

I’m an adult but I have never done martial arts before. You are never too old to start, we accept all ages and our Instructors arrange classes are suitable for beginners and no particular level of fitness is required. During your first year of practice you’ll learn strong foundations that will lead you all the way to black belt.

I’ve done other Karate styles before, do I have to start from white belt? Not necessarily. This would depend on your skill level, how long you have trained for, how long ago you last trained and what you want out of your Karate practice. We encourage you to come to one of the classes and our Sensei will assess your skill level. Some students want to train from the beginning and this is welcomed as well.

Do I have to buy a uniform? No, you don’t have to buy a uniform straight away. You can wear clothing suitable for the class, if you’d like, until you’re ready to take that next step. No rush whatsoever! We organise uniforms for you, so do not worry. If you have already joined and are now ready to buy a uniform, just let us know by contacting your instructor and they will arrange it for you.

I already have a uniform. May I use it? You can use your current uniform if it is plain white with no logo. If your jacket has a logo of another school or style, please remove the logo.

How do you tie a karate belt? Video coming soon.

How do I enrol? Contact our nearest club to you are our Instructor will be very happy to help you sign-up.

May I watch my children in class? Yes! There is seating in the karate training space for you to watch your children. We offer complete transparency and are very proud of our quality instruction, so please feel free to watch (quietly though folks).

How does your grading system work? We use the traditional Kyu and Dan grading system. There are 10 Kyu grades before black belt (10th Kyu to 1st Kyu) and then 10 Dan grades for black belts (1st Dan to 10th Dan). All our grades are international accredited with JKA HQ’s certificates.

How often do you have gradings? We have kyu gradings for advancement 4 times a year, and Black Belt gradings 1 to 2 times a year. You won’t necessary grade every time, it will depend how many times you train per week.

If your question is not answered here, please complete the form on our contact page and we will answer your question as soon as possible.