Japan Karate Association World Federation of Australia (JKA/WF Australia) is a non-profit association based in Australia and is associated with the Japan Karate Association (“JKA”) in Japan, one of the most prestigious, oldest and largest Shotokan Karate organisations in the world. 

Under the guidance of the Chief Instructor, Sensei Jason Naylor 7th Dan, and together with the National Executive and Technical Committee, they provide the administrative and practical direction to JKA/WF Australia.

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The JKA / WF Australia practices the original Shotokan karate style, as taught by Funakoshi Gichen Sensei, founder of modern day Karate.

Karate does not stop at self defence, but builds strength, fitness, self control, confidence, and mental concentration. It also fosters the development of spiritual qualities: courage, courtesy, integrity, humility and self-control.

Our goal is to help all our students achieve their personal goals and aspirations. Karate helps develop strength, coordination agility and self-confidence.


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